Chimney Inspection and Cleaning
Comprehensive, 21-point, top-to-bottom inspection of chimney, firebox, damper, and flue, followed by a thorough, no-mess cleaning (if necessary).

Caps and Crowns
Your chimney top is far from sight, but exposure to the elements can lead to potential problems. A quality chimney cap and properly constructed chimney crown can prevent damaging water penetration and deny access to birds, other animals, and debris.

Chimney Relining
Gives new life to unlined or damaged chimneys that would otherwise have to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Animal Removal
Safe and gentle removal of animals and/or nests.

Installation of Dampers
A damper is the apparatus that is opened and closed during burning to regulate air flow. Conventional dampers sit right above the firebox. Top-sealing dampers mount on top of the chimney. There is a cable that runs down the chimney flue for access through the firebox. Top-mounted dampers are preferred as they can save construction costs and prevent downdrafts of smoke.